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Caleb is a hunky poli-sci major with an affection for aggressive girls. Gwen is an aggressive girl who falls for gay acting boys. It's a match made in therapy.

In a plan hatched by his crafty gay roommate Kyle, Caleb finds himself pretending to be gay to woo Gwen, but their scheme is thwarted when Gwen decides that Caleb would be the perfect catch for her own gay roommate, Marc—the object of Kyle’s affection.

Caleb is faced with a confusing proposition. Gwen wonders if she'll ever find a straight guy. Marc can't tell why the new guy is so hot and cold. And Kyle watches the two loves of his life leave him behind.

The idea for EATING OUT began as sort of a joke. While in a screenwriting class at California Institute of the Arts, I was required to write one feature-length screenplay every semester. I was tapped out of high concept and emotionally wrenching ideas so, to amuse myself, I wrote intense gay sex scenes to make the cute straight guys read out loud in class. Then my conscience got the better of me and to justify the sex I threw in a lot of funny lines, then I wanted to care about the characters, then a storyline… Before I knew it, EATING OUT was born.

It was a kind of silly story so I never pursued trying to make it. Most of my scripts deal with more personal stories (i.e. high concept or emotionally wrenching). EATING OUT had always been a guilty pleasure script I figured I’d mine for jokes later on.

When Michael J. Shoel from Ariztical Entertainment approached me looking for a script with a lot of humor and a lot of sex, EATING OUT leapt to mind. I hadn’t dared show it to a soul outside of class. It was way too gay for broad appeal and far too light-hearted to be of interest to other indie producers I worked with … but Michael’s goal was to make something fun. Thankfully he found the script as fun and sexy as I did and we were on our way.

In preproduction, we encountered all your typical no-budget, indie film disasters. But our insane atmosphere was amplified because I was being followed by camera crews at the time for AMC’s documentary GAY HOLLYWOOD. Meanwhile we searched for attractive, talented, non-SAG actors willing to bare everything in a shamelessly gay film for no money.

One of the first actresses to walk into the auditions was Emily Stiles, who was perfect for the role of Gwen and I was shocked that she wasn't already famous. Next to join the family was Jim Verraros. I was a huge AMERICAN IDOL fan, scheduling meetings and casting sessions around the show’s broadcasts. I even made my casting director watch it with me during an extended meeting one night. That’s when the thought hit me, what about the openly gay contestant?! He’d be perfect for Kyle! I became consumed with the idea. I looked up Jim on the internet, e-mailed his website, and the rest is history.

Ryan Carnes, Scott Lunsford, and Rebekah Kochan each gave me the feeling I was discovering something great during their auditions and I’m happy to say I was able to cast everyone I wanted.

The biggest challenge was still ahead, we had only ten days to shoot a feature film with a dozen locations and twenty speaking roles. The first shoot day, the camera truck caught on fire. We shot nothing. We sat on location in the desert and waited. The second day, raging brush fires knocked out the electricity for most of the city. We lost another half day.

While these were ten of the most stressful days of my life, they were also ten of the best days, not only because of the most beautiful and talented cast I’ve ever seen in person, but also due to our gifted crew. I am especially especially indebted to the eerily cool coordination of Danielle Probst, the clever organization of Scott Findley, the constantly surprising talent of Melissa Fischer and the devoted support of Michael J. Shoel.

EATING OUT is a story close to my heart. It’s the college-popcorn-fluff comedy I always eagerly consumed, but never saw myself represented in. It’s my fantasy and guilty pleasure movie. It's my bust-a- gutt-laughing and drool-over-the-boys movie. It’s my date movie. Above all, it's another voice shouting out that queer youth have the same awkward, mushy, horny, romantic, lonely, funny, crazy, fucked-up friendships, fantasies, and romances as anyone else.

"EATING OUT is distinguished by its determination to aim genre's conventions toward horndoggery, both hetero and homo. EATING OUT is funny...hilarious on occasion, particularly during one set piece in which Gwen via telephon talks Caleb through his first gay sexual experience."
-Dennis Harvey, Daily Variety

"sharply written...an auspicious feature debut for Brocka, who's hopefully got a lot more up his sleeve."
-Rich Cline, BBC Radio

"Clever, sexy and hilarious."
-Karl Beck, Indiwire

"One of the most polished and brilliantly written indie comedies to come out of the US in some time!"
-Lisa Daniel, author "The Bent Lens: A World Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film"

"This screwball comedy hearkens back to the days of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn (who may be turning over in her grave with that comparison) as a hunky straight guy who pretends he's gay to get a date with a fag hag! Q. Allan Brocka's (the amazing RICK & STEVE shorts) feature debut, EATING OUT, is just as witty and well done as his shorts."
- Scott Cranin, TLA Video  

"This riotous, raucous, and racy debut feature is bound to please. Q. Allan Brocka is one of the new bloods of Queer Cinema to keep a close eye on and if his debut feature is any indication, he may well be the next John Waters or Robert Luketic!"
- Paul Andrew, Melbourne Community Voice

"Eating Out is uplifting, funny, and a Viagra-induced hard-on of a film!"
- Simon Johnson, Puffta Magazine (UK)

"This clever and fast-paced flick gets full marks for dialogue, characterization and the sexiest sex scene since Sex, Lies and Videotape...one of the must-see contenders of the season."
-Troy Gurr, Melbourne Community Voice

"EATING OUT is a hysterical comedy with a whole lote of queer thrown in...The dialogue is sharp, fast, and bitingly bitchy."
-Brian Moylan, The Washington Blade

"Allan Brocka's charming, sex, and provacative fist feature is a sensual delight."
-Dale Reynolds, Zap2it.com

"EATING OUT is hilarious, romantic, and gay...thanks to the cast's subtle nuances and deliveries and Stiles' apltly wacky moments, and to Brocka's eye for truthful human interaction and individual thoughts and voices."
-Oliver Pulumbarit, The Philippine Inquirer

"EATING OUT mixes farce, romantic comedy, youthful love angst, and something downright steamy...the characters are well-drawn, the dialogue is snappy and the performances top-notch. It's a perfect example of where low-budget gay cinema can triumph and makesomething that stands up taller than anything comparable in the 'straight' genre."
-Chris Banks, GayNZ

"Filled with bright colors, rich textures, and delicious boys, Brocka creates a surreal, exuberan and captivating world. It's Fassbinder meets Almodovar meets early Woody Allen."
-Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival

Levi's First Feature Award, Frameline San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Grand Jury Prize, Rhode Island International Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, San Diego Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Rome Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Istanbul Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Dallas Out Takes Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Audience Award, Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Gay Film, Audience Award, Phoenix International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Best Film of the Festival, Phoenix International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Honolulu Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Feature Film (Male), Jury Prize, Long Island Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Best LBGT Film Award, Breckenridge Film Festival
Emerging Film Award, North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Five in Focus, New Director's Spotlight Selection, Outfest Los Angeles

Festival Favorite, Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Audience Favorite, Pike's Peak Lavender Film Festival
Gala Presentation, Honolulu Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Centerpiece Film, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Centerpiece Film, North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Centerpiece Film, Fresno Reel Pride Festival
Opening Night Film, International Pink Film Festival Manila
Opening Night Film, Gay Days Orlando Film Festival
Opening Night Film, Tuscon International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Opening Night Film, Nashville Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Opening Night Film, Austin International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Opening Night Film, Indianapolis Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Opening Night Film, Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Closing Night Film, Long Island Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

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