(Caleb) Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Scott Lunsford has been drawn to the entertainment industry since his early teens. After moving to Southern California with a wrestling scholarship at Cal State University, Scott realized his passion for acting could not be denied.

Classes and head shots followed and before long Scott's natural presence and all-American looks landed him numerous roles in music videos and commercials. He also found work on the USA Network's hit shows "Strip Poker" and "Tens." Not exactly an actor's dream, but fun nonetheless.

At an open casting call, Scott caught the attention of director Ron Hamaday, who offered him the lead as a troubled youth in his independent feature, PANDEMONIUM. Other roles quickly followed, including the young baseball star of LAST MAN OUT, and lead roles in NEAR DEATH and A.U.M.

Although his role in EATING OUT is a risky one with nudity and graphic sex scenes, Scott braved the challenge and is optimistic that his work in the film will lead to further challenging and rewarding roles.

An avid athlete who enjoys surfing, jogging, tennis, and rock climbing, Scott is also an accomplished chess player, and an artist who finds great comfort in creating. Plans for an exhibition of his art are in the works.

(Kyle) Jim not only acts in the film, but also contributes two songs to the soundtrack. Jim was undoubtedly one of the most talented and talked about contestants to ever appear on the hit Fox TV show American Idol.

Jim won the hearts all across America as a featured performer on the 2002 American Idols Live Tour, but his popularity really soared after he came "out" in The Advocate in January 2003. Jim's young fans, both gay and straight, not only embraced the disclosure, but verily celebrated it, proudly signaling the broader acceptance of gays among the next generation.

Songs from Jim's self-released CD, Unsaid & Understood, rocketed to the top of mp3.com's Top 40 Rock Chart and Top 25 Pop Chart. The CD went on to win the 2004 Out Music Award for Outstanding Debut (Male).

Jim's Koch Records debut, Rollercoaster, features well-crafted, pop gems similar to the recent work of Justin Timberlake. Verraros' voice would have you mistake him at times for a young George Michael.

(Gwen) Emily Stiles was born and raised in Kansas City where she worked – both backstage and onstage at various professional theatres in town. After some college, she moved to New York City and pounded the pavement with various temp jobs, deciding to give up acting for more “serious” work. Emily then moved to Portland, Oregon in search of “the easy life." She woke up one day and remembered she was an actor and has been doing it full throttle ever since. She landed in LA almost two years ago.

(Marc) Ryan Carnes was born and raised in Pittsfield, IL, a small, rural community of 4,300. After dedicating the better part of his formative years to sports, music, and academia, Ryan finally found the thespian within. With the encouragement of his current manager Jon Simmons, he made the giant leap to Los Angeles.

Since then, Ryan has dedicated himself to studying his craft and pursuing his dream to be a working actor. Though this was a daring first role to accept, he looked at it as something that could only make him a more committed actor. Besides, once you've done frontal nudity, hey, what else is there to hide? Since the making of EATING OUT, Ryan has worked both commercially and theatrically--most recently as the already-graduated boyfriend of a high school senior in ANDERSON'S CROSS. An accomplished drummer for 15 years, Ryan also writes lyrics and is currently collaborating with several other musicians on their first project.

Ryan can now be seen regularly on GENERAL HOSPITAL and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

(Tiffani) As she approaches her twentieth birthday, Rebekah Kochan is very excited about her feature film debut in EATING OUT. Having made her theatrical debut at age nine as "Annie" she continued with starring roles such as Martha in "Secret Garden" and Florence Vassy in "Chess." After moving to Los Angeles two years ago Rebekah was nominated for Best Lead Actess in a comedy play at the 2002 ADA Awards and is emerging as a bright new star of stage and screen.

cast in order of appearance

Tiffani...Rebekah Kochan
Caleb Peterson...Scott Lunsford
Kyle...Jim Verraros
Milkshake Marcy...Natalie Burge
Jenny the Beaver “Firecrotch”... Adrienne Pearson
Jamie Peterson...Jillian Nusbaum
Marc Everhart...Ryan Carnes
Sebastian "British Guy"... Christopher Michaels
Gwen Andersen...Emily Stiles
Joey...William Shepard
Carnival Vendor...Maurice Grossman
Richard...John Janezic
Miko...Ditte Lokon
Ronnie...Dani Millan
Winston...Stafford “Doc” Williamson
Party Guests... Patti James-Bailey, Sarah Burner, Bradley Lau, Andrea Miller, Amber Nicolai, Barbara Schaffer, Tim Sevelis, Daniel Skaggs, Melissa Slawson, William Soffer, Shaunda Stormant, Candice Trainor
Mr. Milford...Donald Cline
Mrs. Milford...Joy Ives
Debbie Milford...Melissa Shaner
Leather Guy #1...Pete Kelly
Leather Guy #2...Michael J. Shoel
Frank Peterson...Murph Michaels
Susan Peterson...Martie van der Voort